Elite Naruto Quiz

Want to become a Ninja. Take this test and answer simple questions and see if you can become a Hokage. This isn't Ninja or anything where you hide and throw cardboard shurikens and kunai's. This is real metal and pain. This is the world of Ninja and welcome

And remember, don't be deathweight for your teammates and help them in some way. But don't kill your teammates even if they are. You never know, they might of helped you in the past and might help in the future.

Created by: Chris

  1. Why does sasuke seek power?
  2. What is under Kakashi's mask?
  3. Which of these does Tsuande summon?
  4. Who is the father of Naruto?
  5. Who is the main villian of "Naruto?"
  6. Which is Naruto's most known Quote?
  7. Who/What is after naruto?
  9. What is the main jutsu of uchiha?
  10. What age did Itachi become on ANBU leader?
  11. Who did Itachi kill to obtain Mangekyou Sharingan?

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