RMBS Application

Let's see how you fair in the world and eyes of the RMBS. An elite group of people who are extraordinary in a physical or mental sense. Sometimes both. And by that I mean they are awesome at first grade math and can perform useless feats of odd strengths.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an RMBS Elite? Some people are born with it, some are taught, but most don't have a single clue as to what the hell I'm talking about and will just pass up this quiz.

Created by: Mishkin
  1. If you were stuck in the Alaskan wilderness with only a 4" pocket knife and wits, what would you do first?
  2. You come across a $20 dollar bill that is on the floor, you are certain it belongs to the kid that's about 100ft in front of you, do you...
  3. What is money laundering?
  4. If you are in the ocean and all of a sudden you feel a sharp pain in your leg and a tug, what do you immediately do?
  5. Where do you run if you are being chased by a bear?
  6. In horror movies, where do people always run?
  7. Pick the sport that best fits you.
  8. Star Wars Episode VII is being released in a week, what do you do?
  9. Your girlfriend is in a fight with another girl, she seems to be losing. Do you... (And if you are female, pretend you have a girlfriend -mmmm)
  10. Beverage of choice
  11. There is a young kid smoking, what do you do when you see him? (He's about 11)
  12. You're in a sports car, you have open road ahead.
  13. On a road trip, you bring lots of water and juice and drink one every hour on the hour til someone can't hold it anymore.
  14. Your best friend was murdered by someone.
  15. Your dog died
  16. You're at a store and you are being snubbed by the employees, to teach them a lesson you...
  17. You have a chance to fight the number one MMA guy for glory and fame.
  18. You have a theory on evolution or religion.
  19. You're favorite shows are...
  20. RMBS

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