Are you RMBS material?

This quiz is to test your relevance to the RMBS. It really has no value other than to determine if you qualify to be a human. I made this mainly for just me and friends.

Don't take offense to the results if you don't do well. It's supposed to be mildly insulting if you don't score high, that's the motivation to try again. Please be kind, it is my first quiz and I made it at work out of boredom.

Created by: Mishkin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many years did you attend school?
  2. What did you major in? If you didn't major, then what do you think you would out of the choices.
  3. Where do you keep your money?
  4. Where do you work?
  5. What is the most exciting part of your day?
  6. What music do you listen to most?
  7. What's the most important part of trying to commit a crime?
  8. Fist Fight
  9. What type of sport do you prefer to watch?
  10. What type of sport(s) do you play?
  11. Do you have a drinking toast you say everytime before you drink?
  12. Best Beer
  13. Are you licensed to ride a motorcycle?
  14. Which celebrity personality do you think you fit?
  15. Without looking this up, what do you think "manifestation" means?
  16. Escape vehicle of choice?
  17. What would you order at a bar?
  18. Eye for an Eye?

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Quiz topic: Am I RMBS material?