Essay Tecniques

This quiz will let you know about you knowledge on the material discusses until today on class. It has about thesis sentence and getting ready to write.

Are you sure you know the material? well find out, take the quiz with no regrets or problem. In just few second you will know how high is your grade and how far has your knowledge's has come.

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  1. What is the first thing you must write in an essay?
  2. Before start writing you should consider..
  3. The name of the technique used to make the reader understand the topic by showing what it may be similar or different from, would be...
  4. Looking up for keywords on your topic would be called..
  5. The technique used when giving the reader past statistics, facts, etc. would be called...
  6. The thesis sentence should pass the...
  7. The thesis sentence can be written as a ___ for it is not arguable.
  8. The thesis sentence mus show your...
  9. You must support your claim with_____.
  10. A strategy on starting your essay, and getting your ideas ready

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