How good are you at English?

How well do you know the English language? Do you know the basics of writing a college essay? Will you find out you might need to do a little more studying? Take this quiz to find out how good you are in English class!

This quiz will test you on some basic grammar principles. It will quiz you on what is okay to put in a junior high, high school, or college essay. I, the quiz creator, wish you luck. Let's see how well you know the English language!

Created by: an earthling
  1. Which sentence is written incorrectly?
  2. What is a thesis statement?
  3. True or False. Very, some, and really are excellent words to use in a college essay.
  4. Is netspeak (lol,omg,cya) ever appropriate in any academic essays?
  5. Which sentence is correct?
  6. What should the introduction paragraph do in an essay?
  7. True or False. Don't, won't, it's, and who's are okay to use in an essay.
  8. Which of these should not be used in a college essay?
  9. When you are citing sources for an essay, which format should you choose if you are writing for a sociology class?
  10. Which of the following is an logical argument?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at English?