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  • Wow!80%.Pretty good for my standards,because I'm only in 6th grade :D

    DaDamSnackBar Oct 16 '14, 11:28PM
  • 80%... I'm in 7th grade, so I'm guessing that's pretty good XD

    firepikachu Oct 26 '13, 2:30AM
  • Contractions are permissible in college essays. Sometimes the emotion/feel of the essay does not call for the full words. Contractions emote a more casual feeling. For example, if you were to say. "Honey, don't go over there." it feels a lot different than "honey, do not go over there.” Using "do not" is more of a command, whereas "don't" comes off as a request. Believe me, I've taken enough college lit classes to know. Reports and research papers for sociology may be a bit different. Thanks for the tip about not using MLA outside of lit work; I had no idea. 80%

    jess_artist Jun 19 '08, 12:02PM
  • 60%. that's good considering i have never heard of a few things mentioned on the quiz (i only finished the 9th grade so far). great quiz!

    misskiss Jun 19 '08, 5:50AM

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