How English are you?

Due to such matters as the West Lothian Question, there has arisen a need to tell the English from the merely resident. It is vital that this land of hope and glory not fade away into a undistinguished, pseudo-national status.

This quiz endeavors to identify those who truly deserve to be called English from those who sully the country's good name. Who should dwell in England, save those who will give even the final sacrifice for her sake?

Created by: Ellen Cain
  1. How many players make up a cricket team?
  2. When taking tea, which does one pour first?
  3. Jam first, or cream first?
  4. What happens in The City?
  5. What is Big Ben?
  6. What's the Blitz?
  7. What does one partake of at Wimbledon?
  8. What is England's unofficial national anthem?
  9. What were the Beatles?
  10. What does one buy with fish?
  11. Who were William and Mary?

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Quiz topic: How English am I?