Do you know your grammar

Grammar is an important part of our daily lives. People are often judged by how well they communicate. Knowledge of English grammar is very important. Many people do okay with English grammar, but few are true grammar geniuses.

Are you a English grammar genius? Now's the time to find out. This quiz is tricky -- especially if you daydreamed through English class in high school. But if you didn't, you just might be a walking, talking English grammar genius.

Created by: Robert Stevenson of Rob's megaphone
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  1. What's the problem with this sentence be sure to think clearly
  2. Sleeping in the tree, the teacher saw the monkey.
  3. A student should do all their homework.
  4. Whenever I go to the mountains to see the leaves change colors or go to the beach in the summer
  5. The group of girls played (their or its) first game.
  6. She is taller than (I or Me)
  7. The dog has lost (a lot/alot) of (its/it's) toys.
  8. He likes to run, because he enjoys exercise.
  9. Fifty fine animals followed me for hours. This sentence is an example of what?
  10. Give those cards to (her/she) and (I/me).

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