How Many Bloopers in Your Grammar?

There's a subliminal message when you ignore grammar and punctuation. It's a message that says, "My material isn't worthy of being correct and my reader isn't worthy of me bothering to put out my best work." Egads! And what does that say about you??

If you want to make a great impression and enhance your credibility, you need to be sure your grammar and punctuation are correct, even if you need an editor. How many bloopers in your grammar? Take this little quiz and find out!

Created by: Just the Write Words
  1. Which sentence shows correct usage of the word "there"?
  2. Fill in the blank: ______ frisbee flew onto our picnic blanket.
  3. Which sentence is correct?
  4. Which sentence uses the word "advice"?
  5. Which word fits in the blank? Please _______ me as to how to begin.
  6. Fill in the blank: Sam went ___ play basketball.
  7. Which comes after the number one and before the number three?
  8. Which sentence shows the correct usage of "too"?
  9. Which definition is the opposite of lose?
  10. Her tooth is ________.
  11. _______ jacket is this?
  12. We don't know ______ getting the coffee.
  13. Which shows possession?
  14. Which sentence is correct?
  15. Jess is someone _____ frequently goes to the gym.
  16. Which serves as the preliminary section in a book?
  17. We certainly are moving ________ in reaching our goal!
  18. Which sentence uses the comma correctly?
  19. Which sentence has the correct punctuation?
  20. ____ very important that you know this information.
  21. It's the dog ____ making that sound.
  22. It's my brother _____ making that sound.

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Quiz topic: How Many Bloopers in my Grammar?