How well do you know your parts of speech?

General grammar deals with the business of translating reality and ideas into words. There are two ways it does this: 1) syntactical analysis (ordering words into sentences); and 2) part-of-speech analysis.

How good, how facile are you with the basic building blocks of our language? Are you a grammar savant? Or are you a clueless bumbler who, like the average driver, knows how to make the car go, but has no idea how it works? Take the quiz and find out. Good luck.

Created by: Bernard Sell of Notes from the Underground
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  1. For this and all following questions, identify the part of speech in UPPER CASE: MANY ninjas were there.
  2. Ninjas must train CONSTANTLY.
  3. Which ninja stole my CAR?
  4. The ninjas gave US directions.
  5. THEY have no idea how to fight ninjas.
  6. The pirates SEEMED quite happy.
  7. Most ninjas are SNEAKY.
  8. Some of my best friends are PIRATES.
  9. The pirate parked NEAR the store.
  10. The ninja lost his keys IN THE COUCH
  11. Okay, the easy crap is out of the way. Try these: Those gentlemen, A BAND OF SNEAKY NINJAS, snuck out.
  12. Pirates AND ninjas found endlessly.
  13. The ninjas WHO robbed us were there.
  14. The restaurant WHERE we were eating was attacked by pirates
  15. No worries--Khan the Pirate is on the JOB.
  16. I MYSELF welcome our new pirate overlords.
  17. Passive or active voice? The pirates asked for their money back.
  18. Passive or active voice? The ninjas were harassed by the police.
  19. Now for some heavy lifting. Identify the part of speech in UPPER CASE: The ninjas knew THAT THE PIRATES WERE NEARBY.
  20. The pirates made Purplebeard their CAPTAIN.
  21. The ninjas will not win BECAUSE they are too few.
  22. The pirates partied EVERY NIGHT.
  23. Nobody wants TO FIGHT pirates.
  24. Pirates and ninjas enjoy DIAGRAMMING sentences.
  25. Okay Bad Ass, try these on for size: The ninjas gave AS many cards AS they received.
  26. HAVING HEARD THE PIRATES, the ninjas moved to intercept.
  27. EITHER the pirates OR the ninjas shall win.
  28. Don't believe anything THE NINJAS MAY TELL YOU.
  29. Ninjas DRESSED to the nines flooded the lobby.
  30. Tomorrow we will be given a new SHIP.
  31. Classify the following sentence: When the signal is given, the pirates will distract the guards and the ninjas will steal the talisman.
  32. The ninjas are sneaky, but the pirates are ferocious and they feel their time is now.
  33. Although the pirates denied it, they praised the ninjas whenever they thought no one was listening.
  34. Identify the verb tense: By next month the pirates WILL HAVE WON.
  35. The ninjas HAD BEEN HIDING the gold.
  36. The pirates FOUND the gold later.
  37. HAVE the ninjas BEEN TELLING us everything?
  38. The pirates SMELL your fear.
  39. The ninjas WILL BE COMING for you later.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my parts of speech?