how do you say your words?

The purpose of this paper is to provide a comparative overview of current speech recognition products. These products can benefit everyone, including persons with disabilities, but they have differences in their accuracy, user interfaces and usability.

For anyone interested in speech recognition, it is important to understand these differences, and how they may impact one’s success at using the products. At the CSUN conference, we will propose criteria for evaluating these speech recognition products, including the following:

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  1. The rules are simple. In the following question, there will be two words. And you will simply have to choose the word you say more often. Okay lets go! Car-Vehicle
  2. Water-H20
  3. Soda-Pop
  4. hi-hey-hello
  5. Human-homo sapien
  6. Ocean-Sea
  7. Rock-Sediment
  8. TV-Television
  9. Coat-Jacket
  10. Animal-Being
  11. Couch-Sofa
  12. Chair-Seat
  13. Beach-Seashore
  14. Music-Melody
  15. Mad-Angry
  16. Happy-Content

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Quiz topic: How do I say my words?