Parts of the Horse

So you think you know all the parts that make up our equine friends? Can you solve complex problems and see the world through an entirely novel equine point of view?

Are you an equine parts genius? Do you have the brainpower to determine what is a right & wrong answer? Thanks to this great quiz you are about to find out which end of the horse you know best!!

Created by: AAA of Arabian Advantage Alliance
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  1. The area between the ears is called the.......?
  2. What is the area between the front legs and back legs called.........?
  3. A horses feet are commonly known as.......?
  4. The area behind where the saddle fits is called a.......?
  5. The horse uses this to see......?
  6. What is below the fetlock......?
  7. The soft part of a horses mouth/nose is called the.....?
  8. The small section of hair in between the ears.........?
  9. A place where the saddle goes.....?
  10. Above the horses legs at the front is the........?

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