The Your or You're Quiz

One of my biggest pet peeves in grammar is incorrect usage of your and you're. Are you guilty of using those words incorrectly, or are you proficient in your/you're usage?

In the quiz below, you will find out whether or not you are guilty of using your and you're incorrectly. Fill in the blanks below with the correct word.

Created by: Rick

  1. _____ such a nice person.
  2. _____ food is ready.
  3. Will you please walk _____ dog?
  4. I can't believe _____ treating me like this.
  5. Will you please pick up _____ clothes?
  6. _____ acting like a jerk.
  7. _____ so much better at math than I am.
  8. It's _____ birthday tomorrow.
  9. _____ done with work for today.
  10. _____ artwork is amazing.

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