So you think you know about grammar

Some people say they know about the English Grammar well though, I don’t think so.There are so many details of the English grammar that you do not know.This quiz is just scores of questions to beat your confidence down,don’t try to think you know about the grammar again.

Good looks are all the same but bad looks can be ugly in all different ways,so the grammar is.Right one is the one,fault ones are...emm,feel it all by yourself!

Created by: ChineseBoy

  1. Volunteering to help people in need combined ___ traveling to faraway places is ___ new trend in travel industry.
  2. I ___ in the bookshop and living in my cottage ever since.
  3. I worked ___ a publisher for a large company based in London,___ I was always under pressure to meet deadlines and get the books ___.
  4. “Though It’s not easily for us to accept a fact that we are going to leave our beloved school,I start to think of what I would become .”Is this sentence wrong?
  5. “In additions,I think it’s rather hopeful to put on some broads along the tourist attractions that tourists could leave messages.”Is this sentence wrong?
  6. “Back in 2013,I posted my bracelets on Facebook for the first time and several friends said that they wanted it too.”Is this sentence wrong?
  7. They were still ____ their friends after their child’s long illness.
  8. Train services are now back to ___ after three days of typhoon.
  9. He is the best ___ English in our class.
  10. Did Trump hit Hillary ___ ___ eyes?
  11. Which is the way to ___ factory ?
  12. “The police is running after the thief”Is this sentence wrong?
  13. I ___ to help you but couldn't get here in time.
  14. I ___ all the cooking for my family ,but recently I've been too busy to do it .
  15. The USA is __ the south of Canada and __ the east of Japan.
  16. The weather is too cold ___ March this year,it is still ___ when I came here years ago.
  17. “What should I wear to attend his wedding party,Ted?” “Dress ___ you like.”
  18. “Is that your book,Ted?” “No,It’s my student’s,Lily” “Remember to return it to ___ name is on it”
  19. we had a really bad time about 3 years but now,things are ___ up
  20. I worked so hard so as to make a questionnaire as if I ___ .

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