How fluent are you in English?

This quiz will help determine your level of knowledge on English grammar concepts, vocabulary, proper word use and much more. You can use this quiz to gauge your knowledge of English.

This quiz will also describe, where you may need to improve your knowledge of English grammar, word use, vocabulary, and expressing yourself in English.

Created by: masonh928
  1. Which sentence is correct?
  2. Which is the proper spelling for a suicide bomber?
  3. Which is the most appropriate response to this question? How is the weather?
  4. Which response is the most appropriate to the following question? How fast is your car?
  5. Which sentence is correctly written?
  6. Which sentence is formed correctly?
  7. Which noun is proper?
  8. Which verb(s) is used in this sentence? The little dogs are very smart, so they enrolled in college.
  9. Which is a not a noun?
  10. Which is an antonym of melancholy?

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Quiz topic: How fluent am I in English?