English Test - Level B1

There are many people learning English as a second language, but sometimes not sure about the kind of knowledge they have, try this test and check if you are for sure B1 level.

Are you sure you are a genius? After this quiz you will see if you know all what you think you do, let´s check if you are a B1 level in English and check your knowledge!

  1. Section 1 - Grammar Present Simple - Chose the correct answer to complete the sentence 1. He ____________ (sleep) 8 hours everyday.
  2. 2. My mother __________ (cook) a really tasty stew.
  3. 3. My mom and my dad __________ (mix) the cocktail very quickly.
  4. 4. She ____________ (go) to the school by bus from Monday to Friday.
  5. 5. Pamela _________ (study) degree in English as a foreign language at Unad.
  6. Section 2 - Writing send your text to gaby 9274 @ gmail.com Write a paragraph (at least 7 lines) using Present Progressive tense, use the information below, express your ideas clearly and add extra information.
  7. Section 3 - Reading Sixteen - What now? You’re 16 and finally you can leave school! By now, you’re probably sick of teachers, desks, tests and exams. But don’t just run for the exit. You need to think carefully about what to do next. If you want a professional career, you will need to go to university and get a degree. To do that, you need to stay at high school for another two years. But you needn’t stay at the same place. There are several options in the district of Northacre. St. Leopold’s School has the best pass rate of all the high schools in the district. It offers a wide range of subjects in the humanities and sciences. St Leopold’s is, of course, a private school, so may be too expensive for you. But don’t worry, there are several other options if you want to follow the academic route. Knowle Grammar School is a state school, so there are no fees, and it has excellent tuition and facilities. It is a boys’ school from the ages of 11-16, but from 16-18 it is co-educational. But it is selective, so you’ll have to pass an exam to get in. If you’re interested in going into Business, check out Wyle River Academy. This school specialises in subjects like Business Studies, Management and Economics. If you prefer the arts, look at the courses on offer at Northacre College. Here you can study woodwork, art, textiles and much more. Northacre College also offers a wide range of vocational qualifications. You can do a 1-year certificate or a 2-year diploma in subjects like electrics, plumbing, roofing and hairdressing. If you’d prefer to work outdoors, look at Milldown College, where there are courses in Farm Mechanics, Land Management, Animal Management and much more. A final option is to get an apprenticeship with a local or national company. You will get on-the-job training, gain certificates or diplomas and start earning straight away. But be warned - places are limited! Find out more at the Jobs Fair on 26th May at Northacre College. According to the text, answer the questions: 1 The aim of the article is to…
  8. 2 The article advises readers who want a professional career to…
  9. 3. St Leopold’s is the best school for
  10. You can only attend Knowle Grammar School if you
  11. Rose and Jack are talking about holiday plans. [no urls] Listen and answer true or false. - Rose and Jack are planning to take a holiday in spring.
  12. Rose and Jack are planning to take a holiday in Greece
  13. Rose prefers staying in cottages to staying in hotels
  14. The town house is spacious, but doesn’t have a garden
  15. They plan to travel around by bus.

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