Basic Computer Knowledge

Computer knowledge is need to of present and future world , this quiz is start from very basic question which need to know on beginner level of study.

If you think you are good in computer knowledge and and want to check you self online then please complete this quiz. and now your level of thinking and experience.

Created by: Syed Salman Mehdi

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  1. What does POST stand for?
  2. A problem with parity error indicates a problem with:
  3. WAN stands for:
  4. Which processor has a 32-bit Data Bus and a 24-bit Address Bus?
  5. The ISA bus has what size Bus Width?
  6. Hard drives can use the following interfaces (check all that apply):
  7. What is the function of MSCDEX.EXE?
  8. How many devices can you connect to a typical SCSI adapter?
  9. Which of the following would NOT be considered an FRU? (Choose all that apply)
  10. Your system boots up but you don't hear a beep, which part should you check first?

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