Do You Know Your Computer?

There are many computers, but few people who know anything about them. Take this quiz to find out if you really know what you're doing when it comes to repairing the good 'ole gaming rig.

Okay, this is really a quiz to see if you can answer basic and a few complex questions about computers. If you get them all right don't go and take apart your computer because you might have been guessing.

Created by: Marty
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  1. What is a monitor?
  2. What would you put on a hard drive?
  3. RAM stands for...
  4. Where would I put the CPU?
  5. If I accidentally disconnected the power supply from the wall, what would happen?
  6. SLI is to _______ as Crossfire is to ________. Don't let your opinion influence the last answer...
  7. If I had an Nvidia 8800 Ultra in SLI, what would I do BEST?
  8. If I said: "Yeah, I flashed the BIOS and setup the RAID." What two things would I have played with?
  9. Final Question: If I had a 19 inch, wide screen monitor, what would be my NATIVE resolution?
  10. Just kidding, we're not done. If I wrote in HTML, I would be designing a...

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Computer?