Are you a Computer Genius?

Go into the computer world and take the Computer Genius Quiz. Do you know everything about computers? Find out at the end of the Quiz. If you didn't do well, I suggest you take computer lessons with a computer genius. Good Luck.

This Quiz will be fun and Challenging. Tips: Read lots of books on computers and learn many links yourself. Get Ready to test yourself and Have fun.Good Luck

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  1. Do you know where to get pivot stick figure animator?
  2. Do you ever use MS Paint?
  3. Do you save your work?
  4. Which of these games do you think is good?
  5. What happens when you create a Powerpoint animation and you press 'play slideshow'?
  6. Do you ever add mods to games?
  7. What are viruses?
  8. Which converter do you use to convert MP3 to Wav?
  9. Which Operating System do you have?
  10. When you play online games,What do YOU do first?
  11. Do you know how to upload to the 3D Warehouse from Google Sketchup?
  12. What's missing from the upcoming game 'SimCity Societies'
  13. Which company manages the 'Collada' File Format?
  14. What do you type in to go to Google?
  15. Slow computer are to be said to have a lack of...
  16. On the Keyboard, What is North of the B, South of the T, East of the F and West of the H?
  17. What do you do to get one program or file to another computer?
  18. Are you a Computer Genius?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Computer Genius?