How addicted are you to the computer?

The computer is a great tHing. So useful, so important. In fact, it is because of the computer that you can view this. Yes, you are addicted to the computer and the internet. But are you?

Take this quiz to find out how much of a computer addict are you. PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY. IF YOUR CHOICE IS NOT LISTED AS AN OPTION, TRY TO GET THE ANSWER AS CLOSE TO THE ONES WE HAVE. Thanks! Sorry for any spelling errors.

Created by: noneofyourbusiness
  1. In your free hours, you are found in the computer.
  2. You cut eating hours simply because you prefer computer.
  3. You stay up late because of the computer.
  4. You don't care whether you miss an episode. There's Youtube for that.
  5. You've slept in the computer at least once.
  6. You treat the computer as practically your best friend.
  7. People complain on how long you spend in the computer.
  8. You're a fast typer
  9. You have either of the following: Website, blog, profile (in Myspace, bebo, or some sort of social network)
  10. The first thing you do when you have the opportunity, is turn on the computer

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Quiz topic: How addicted am I to the computer?