How addicted to computer games are you?

There are many people addicted to computer games are you part of the world of addiction to Computer games. Though being addicted to game can be good for Game programming but if your not going up for a course in Game Programming. Than You Have No Life!

Are you a Addict? Can you reattain your addiction to computer games. Nevertheless, if you don't know this quiz will help find out your answer to your very own question most common question )"Am I addicted to computer games")

Created by: Sehovice
  1. When you finish work/school what do you do as soon as you get home?
  2. During Class in school where you use the computer what do you do?
  3. In you spare time at school/work do you:
  4. When you are on a site and you see: RTS, FPS, MMO, MMORPG do you know what they mean?
  5. If you had the choice to warp into any game using some sort off program would you do it?
  6. When you are in a conversation do you:
  7. Have you ever tried to make a game?
  8. When you play games do you take it seriously?
  9. When you play a game like Counter Strike, Battlefield 2. Do you look up hacks to make it easier?
  10. Have you ever made a lie to one of your friends to impress him/her?
  11. Do you play games 24/7?

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Quiz topic: How addicted to computer games am I?