Are you addicted to the Internet?

Our society is increasingly becoming dependent on computers and technology. Today many people have gone beyond being dependent on these technologies, and are straight out addicted to them.

Are you addicted to the Internet? Can you get away from the computer long enough to fix a microwave dinner, or do you order your pizza online? It's just a couple of questions, and in a minute you'll have an idea of what your addiction level is.

Created by: Mark Fleharty
  1. On average, how many hours do you spend on the Internet each day (not including work related activity)?
  2. Do you ever find yourself reading web pages that update frequently, and realize that you've already read them today?
  3. How often do you check your e-mail?
  4. Do you use an instant messenger, or an online game to talk with friends online?
  5. If you go to a Internet Cafe, do you go there to socialize, or to use the net?
  6. Do you smoke, or drink beer at the computer?
  7. What did you have for lunch?
  8. Have you ever tried Internet dating?
  9. Do you know what a blog is?
  10. Has using the Internet ever interfered with your social life?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to the Internet?