Transferable Skills Audit

Hi. If you've found this quiz, then you are likely a member of a regular attendee of MCC Brightwaves church in Brighton - or perhaps you are new and eager to help! You are most likely looking to help in some way and would like to know what Ministry would best fit your skills. (Or perhaps you have been cajoled into it by a well meaning friend!

This audit is not conclusive, but should give you an insight into what areas of the church your specific skills would fit well with! Remember the quiz is computer based, and we had to miss a few questions from the original audit due to the limitations of this website so can only be a guide and if you feel strongly that you should working in a particular ministry even if 'computer says no' give it a go! (It might even be God giving you a big hint!) The computer might miss match you too and may not work for everyone. If you are not sure what you would be good at, then speak to a few people - others can often see your strengths where you can't.

Created by: Chris Hobden of MCC Brightwaves
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  1. Key Skills: I can meet deadlines.
  2. Key Skills: I can supervise others.
  3. Key Skills: I can solve problems.
  4. Key Skills: I can teach others and give clear instructions.
  5. Spititual Skills: I hold others in my heart through prayer.
  6. Key Skills: I can manage and organise projects.
  7. Key Skills: I can speak in public.
  8. Data / Information Skills: I can make a budget and manage money.
  9. Data / Information Skills: I can record facts, and classify information by date.
  10. Data / Information Skills: I can analyse data, audit and maintain records.
  11. Data / Information Skills: I can check information for accuracy.
  12. Data / Information Skills: I pay attention to detail.
  13. Data / Information Skills: I can investigate and clarify results.
  14. Data / Information Skills: I can locate answers and gather information.
  15. Data / Information Skills: I can use a computer.
  16. Data / Information Skills: I can research and write reports.
  17. People Skills: I can help care for others.
  18. People Skills: I can manage conflicts and resolve issues.
  19. People Skills: I can counsil people.
  20. People Skills: I can be tactful and dimplomatic.
  21. People Skills: I am kind and understaning.
  22. People Skills: I am a good listener.
  23. People Skills: I have a specific desire to help the needy and distressed.
  24. People Skills: I am outgoing and confident.
  25. People Skills: I am patient.
  26. People Skills: I can supervise and teach.
  27. Hands on Skills: I cna drive a lorry.
  28. Hands on Skills: I can lift and carry heavy opjects
  29. Hands on Skills: I work well with my hands.
  30. Hands on Skills: I am good with machinary.
  31. Hands on Skills: I can use complex equipment.
  32. Hands on Skills: I can buils or repair things.
  33. Leadership Skills: I can arrange meetings or social functions.
  34. Leadership Skills: I can make decissions - even tough ones!
  35. Leadership Skills: I can direct the work of others.
  36. Leadership Skills: I can solve problems.
  37. Leadership Activities: I can plan activities and put them into action.
  38. Creative /Artisitc Skills: I can write short stories or articles.
  39. Creative / Artistic Skills: I can play a musical instrument.
  40. Creative / Artistic Skills: I am artistic.
  41. Creative / Artistic Skills: I can use computers to create presentations graphics or publications.
  42. Creative / Artistic skills: I can create web sites.
  43. Creative / Artictic Skills: I can draw, create cartoons or illustrations.
  44. Verbal / Communication Skills: I can clearly express myself.
  45. Verbal / Communication skills: I can speak or perform in public.
  46. Verbal / Communication Skills: I can set up my own network of experts or helpers.
  47. Spiritual Skills: I can speak confidently with God through prayer.
  48. Spiritual Skills: I can speak to others about my spirituality.

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