What Are Your Guitar Skills At?

Would you consider youself a great guitarist, well let's find out what your true skills are on the axe. Maybe you'll find out your true future with the guitar.

Are you a master on a guitar, or are you better off working at a fast food joint? You don't have to be smart to play guitar, you just need the skills. If you score high tell your friends, if it is low, keep it to yourself.

Created by: Jed Shaver
  1. How many scales do you know?
  2. Who is your guitar idol?
  3. How many frets do les pauls have?
  4. How many strings do most guitars have?
  5. Who is an avid collecter of guitars?
  6. When you accidently play the wrong note on the guitar what do you do?
  7. When would you smash a guitar?
  8. How many guitars do you have?
  9. How often do you lose picks?
  10. What is one of the frets that the harmonics are located on?

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Quiz topic: What am Ir Guitar Skills At?