What kind of guitar would you own

Their are many great guitarists, But many do not know which guitar best fits them. They play the wrong guitar and dont know it. You must love your guitar and play like its your best friend. If you dont feel that, that guitar is not for you.

Are you a Guitar player? Do you wish to play guitar? Have you not found the right guitar for your self? IF you havent you should find out reall soon and play the right instrament that fits you best. Take this quiz and that will find out what guitar is right for you

Created by: mikey
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  1. What band would you rather listen to?
  2. What Kind of guitar does Matt from trivium play?
  3. What Kind of Music would You perfer?
  4. who's concert would you most likely go to?
  5. Who is most Likley to use the blast Drum Beat?
  6. What guitarists play in Trivium
  7. slipknot Consists of how many members?
  8. Who is signed under Roadrunner United?
  9. Dean Guitars make?
  10. If your guitar split in half, would you?

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