What Guitar Are You?

"What is my skill level?" isn't so frequently asked. "What guitar should I buy?" is. A guitar should be selected according to your skill and music style.

Which guitar should you buy? Or rather, which guitar are you? Take this simple quiz and find out! (By the way, the age and gender don't matter, so don't worry.)

Created by: Nitai of Jimmyled
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  1. How long have you been playing?
  2. How fast can you go?
  3. Can you sweep?
  4. Can you tap?
  5. Are you in a band?
  6. What skill level do your friends tell you you are?
  7. Can you solo?
  8. Can you improvise?
  9. Do you know chords?
  10. Last but not least: how do you value yourself?

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Quiz topic: What Guitar am I?