How good are you at guitar?

Are YOU amazing at guitar? Does your finger dexterity allow you yo play Flight of the Bumblebee? Are you knowledgeable in your aspect of guitar? Take this quiz and find out!

There are guitarists all over the world. Most of them drop out in the first two years and never play again. Hopefully you won't be like that. The first two years can get rough but later on there will just be a click that goes off in your head and the next thing you know you will be rocking faces off. See how good you are.

Created by: Bono Bandage
  1. How expensive is your guitar?
  2. Can you tune your guitar?
  3. Do you use a whammy bar?
  4. How long is your cord to your amp.
  5. How many pedals do you own?
  6. How loud is your amp?
  7. How do you learn songs?
  8. How long would it take you to learn an intermediate song to perfect it?
  9. How many frets does your guitar have?
  10. What do you think about lessons?
  11. How fast can you go up the fretboard vertically in the chromatic scale divided by two? (Across the strings)
  12. How many picks are in your pants right now?
  13. What happens if you use a gauge too large on a guitar with a floyd rose bridge?
  14. How many sixteenth note triplets are in a single beat in 3/4 time regardless of the tempo?
  15. Who makes the Explorer Model?
  16. What is a plectrum?
  17. How often do you change non-treated strings?
  18. How would your friends describe on guitar?
  19. Using a I, IV, I, V, IV, I progression in a twelve bar blues in A, what diad would bar 9 be in?
  20. Given multiple True or False values, True or False: The H chord is the most difficult chord to play.
  21. Here's a freebie: The relative minor of C major is:
  22. How often do you visit a music store?
  23. Can you sweep?
  24. Do you know the difference between a natural, artificial, and pinch harmonic is?
  25. Harmonizing by thirds in the key of F# minor, the harmonized note of C# of the same scale would be:
  26. The difference between an A# minor and A# harmonic minor is:
  27. EVERY major scale has a relative minor scale.
  28. I can't believe you made it this far. Either you like to guess or you really know your stuff. I like you and for this I will make your last question super-ridiculous and it counts double. Which of the following does not fit?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at guitar?