how good are you at guitar hero?

everyone likes guitar hero, yea? lol well most people do... even if ur not that good at it, u shuld stil take this quiz, u mite be better than u think...

are you realy as good as you think you are at guitar hero? why not find out? if u sukd at it that bad why would you be wanting to do this quiz anyway? lol

Created by: bec

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  1. have you played all of the guitar heros?
  2. have you got 100% on a song before?
  3. what guitar hero has the song "surrender" on it?
  4. can you get beat "through the fire and the flames" on expert?
  5. how many hours do you think youve spent playing guitar hero?
  6. what is the highest uve ever scored on a song?
  7. can you get past "misirlou" on expert?
  8. how many songs have you downloaded?
  9. can/do you use the slide while playing world tour?
  10. how good do you think you are at guitar hero?
  11. how meny guitar hero games are there?
  12. what difficulty do you play on?
  13. how long have you been playing guitar hero?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at guitar hero?