How good are you at Guitar Hero 3?

You think your good at Guitar Hero 3? I'll be the judge of that. Take this quiz and see if your a rock ledgend, or a pathetic loser. So come on and take it, unless your scared you'll lose.

Do you rock or do you stink? Find out in my quiz. If you fail then play more then retake this quiz and if not, Nice! Now go ahead and take that quiz to find out if you Rock and Roll!

Created by: gangsta of this site
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you mostly play easy?
  2. What song do you play the most out of these?
  3. Do you wish there were harder songs?
  4. Do you play better with the controller or the guitar?
  5. Which Guitar Hero game do you like best?
  6. If you have live, do you search for people playing face-off, battle, pro face-off, or co-op?
  7. Do you like to play as which guy/girl?
  8. Last long did it take to beat the game on any difficulty?
  9. Ha ha you wish there were rap songs?
  10. Seriously, last question.....Do you like all of the games made by Guitar Hero?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at Guitar Hero 3?