Guitar Hero 3-Are you a rock legend?

Guitar Hero 3 is a very popular game. Many people have it and since you're here, you probably do too. This quiz will test your knowledge about GH3 and if you know enough, you will be considered a Legend of Rock. Well, in guitar hero world anyway...

WARNING: Do not take this quiz if you have never played Guitar hero 3. Most of the questions are about part 3 and not 1+2. So only take it if you have actually played part 3. It would help if you OWNED part 3 cuz alot of the questions could be hard if you don't.

Created by: Jon

  1. What are the colors of the color buttons on the Guitar Hero guitar controller?
  2. When you hit a color button during gameplay, you must also do what?
  3. Is the song Slow Ride hard?
  4. What's the hardest song (in most people's opinion) in Guitar Hero 3?
  5. Who are the three bosses in Guitar Hero 3?
  6. Have you ever beaten a song on expert in Guitar Hero 3?
  7. Did you beat the game on hard?
  8. How often do you play Guitar Hero 3?
  9. (The last 2 questions are extra credit) What band made 'Hier Commt Alex'?
  10. What song are the following lyrics from: "Workers are going home"?

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Quiz topic: Guitar Hero 3-am I a rock legend?