Are you a Guitar Hero?

Well. Thanks for taking Mine and Geoff's quiz! Hope your happy with your resluts.... you better be! And if you didn't like your results then go play more guitar hero and retry this quiz - MattV1 & Geoff 2.0 Check out Geoff's guitar Hero youtube account "23geoff23"

Can you get good results!?!?! or cheat the quiz :D. (don't try, cause we made the results cheat proof) so yah.. Enjoy(hopefully)Oh by the way!Remember to look at Geoff's Guitar Hero youtube account "23geoff23" - MattV1 & Geoff 2.0

Created by: Matt & Geoff
  1. Whats your most used Button?
  2. Your best song is....
  3. Preferred Guitar Hero Game
  4. What flip do you play?
  5. Can you play any songs without looking?
  6. How long have you been playing Guitar Hero?
  7. Have you beat any games?
  8. Do you use the guitar or a controller?
  9. Have you beat a song 100% ( not easy )
  10. Favorite Guitar Hero of the following is:
  11. Ever Play Guitar Hero in a store like Best Buy, Future Shop or EB Games?
  12. Do you have Guitar hero on your cell.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Guitar Hero?