Are you a guitar god?

Through all your years of worshipping the guitar gods, you always wondered how they do that. You have sent hours listening to Jimi Hendrix's songs at Woodstock, you have cheered Tony Iommi's Iron Man solo. You fainted the first time you saw Jimmy page play the solo in stairway to heaven.

Now after all those years on your bed with your guitar, and sweaty armpits, you may have mastered the guitar. now you will attempt this quiz to show your skills, to get behind your ears wet, to prove yourself. Go, young guitarists, and get past the ranks of Guitar Hero!

Created by: Jack 13
  1. What is the difference between a shift slide and a legato slide?
  2. If you play lead guitar, do you play scales? ex. pentatonic major, blues scale. if you play rhythm guitar, choose "I PLAY RHYTHM GUITAR"
  3. How many strings can you play on a guitar?
  4. What is the standard tuning on a 6-string guitar?
  5. Do you excel in Guitar Hero or real guitar?
  6. what is a mute guitar
  7. what are the guitar MAJOR chords?
  8. What is a vibrato?
  9. Power chord is a slang name for:
  10. Do lighter gauge strings
  11. The Guitar clef sign is the same as the _____ clef sign.

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Quiz topic: Am I a guitar god?