Guitar-Geek Quiz

there are may out there how claim to know everything about a subject. for some it's sports, others it's medevil myths and legends, for me, its guitars!

dare you try to prove yourself? show yourself as a master of the strings? take up my challenge, show me your knowlage and take my crown! i am waiting... fool!

Created by: Vex
  1. what part of a guitar do you use to tune it?
  2. Which of these famuos eletric guitars came out first?
  3. Which of these guitar makers is NOT a popular one for heavy metal?
  4. which of these guitar bridges is a tremolo style bridge?
  5. Which of these is NOT a common fingerboard wood?
  6. which of these Guitar shapes was invented by Dimebag Darrel
  7. Which of these guitar Players is NOT an ESP Signiture Artist?
  8. what is the radius of a guitar?
  9. which of these Jackson shapes was designed by Randy Rhodes?
  10. why was the eletric guitar invented?
  11. what was the very first "eletric guitar" ever made?

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