Are you a Geek?

Be a geek isn't juste love computer and video game, it's a slye of life! In this you go to know if you are a geek or not ! You gouing to knoiw who are you really ! Do this quiz it's important !

Are you a Geek ? Yes or No ? Are you lazy, Selfing or stay at home; Maybe you don't know ! You must be know..... It's Iportant to Know ! Do this quiz for know !!!

Created by: Clovis

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your prefere food ?
  2. What are you doing during your week-end ?
  3. what of there objects you can't live whitout ?
  4. whats your styles clothes ?
  5. how many times you washing your clothes ?
  6. where do you live ?
  7. What is your dream ?
  8. If have a lot of money, What are you doing ?
  9. What are you like ?
  10. Where do you want to live ?
  11. You looked the T.V.(informations):
  12. You love computer ?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Geek?