are you a geek?

First we must ask our selves what is a geek? a geek is a nerdy but weird nose picking staring freak that is a wanna be. this quiz was created to tell you if you are a geek please have mercy if you are

Could you be a geek? oh of all the scary questions that one was asked? oh my head swims at the thought. are you afraid of that question? well this simple quiz will answer that horriblebquestion for you!!!! please take this quiz!!!!!!!!!

Created by: clemintine

  1. are you in chess club
  2. are you surrounded by friends
  3. what instrument do you play
  4. what shows do you watch at home
  5. are you a :
  6. how do you pick your nose
  7. my favorite smiley is:
  8. what is your highest grade
  9. do people avoid you
  10. can you read

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Quiz topic: Am I a geek?