Spanish Basic Expressions

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Spanish (Español) is a great language, but many only know some basic expressions. Greetings, various questions, other simple bits. But not many of those people test their knowledge.

Do YOU know any Spanish? A couple words? A couple more than a couple? Test yourself on some basic phrases in this ten-question quiz! (No numbers tested.)

Created by: kelsie
  1. What does "Buenos dí­as, señor." mean?
  2. What does "¿En qué puedo servirle?" mean?
  3. What does "¿Donde esta el bano?" mean?
  4. What does "¡Hola!" mean?
  5. What does "¿Cómo está usted?" mean?
  6. What does "¿Cómo se llama usted?" mean?
  7. What does "Buenos noches, señorita." mean?
  8. What does "¿Dónde vive usted?" mean?
  9. What does "Buenos tardes, señora." mean?
  10. What does "¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?" mean?

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