What Spanish word?

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Spanish words.Do you know what “Cuanto Cuesta,” “Cuantos años tienes” and “Como estás”mean?Try and find out!

Are you a Spanish whiz or a guesser?Are you a smartie or a silly? Do you make sense or are you a banana?This quiz will help you find out.I hope you’re a whiz for all I care. Good luck!

Created by: Electra
  1. What does ‘Hola’ mean in English?
  2. What does ‘Buenos días’ mean in English?
  3. What does “Como estás”mean in English?
  4. What does”La niña”mean in English?
  5. What does “El gato” mean in English?
  6. What does”Te amo”mean in English?
  7. What does “La fiesta”mean in English?
  8. What does “El pescado”mean in English?
  9. What does “La comida” mean in English?
  10. What does “Una ensalada,por favor”mean in English
  11. What does “El sol,la luna”mean in English?
  12. What does “cerca del”mean in English?
  13. What does “Que hora es?”mean in English?
  14. What does “Cuanto Cuesta”mean in English?
  15. What does “Cuantos años tienes?mean in English?

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