Recieved or received?

Hey everyone, I designed this quiz to help people differentiate between the two similar looking words. It can be very tricky, this is a commonly misspelt word!

After completing this quiz I hope you have a stronger comprehension about how to spell 'received'! Good luck!! I'm sure you will do well, and if you don't it doesn't matter!

Created by: Ruby
  1. I recieved an email from my head tutor in regards to a missed tutorial.
  2. The impression she received from her assessor was utter disbelief.
  3. The man recieved a letter from the postman early on a Wednesday morning.
  4. The young girl recieved a sandwich and juice from her mother for lunch.
  5. This was the most unwelcome intelligence he could have received.
  6. The angelic singer recieved 10,000 dollars prize money for winning the local music competition.
  7. The man's first poem was not well received.
  8. Traditionally the received opinion was that, in the case of a divorce, the mother should get custody of the children.
  9. I recieved a package at my door, it was the clothes I had ordered from online!
  10. The family received the worrying news late that night that the dog had escaped their backyard

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