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Rhymes are words that sound similar. As children, we learned all about rhyming to the point of saying words like "dog" and "log". Over time, as we grow older, rhymes are still as vital to us as the world itself.

This quiz contains only 10 questions. They are short, simple, and super easy. For one of the questions, you will find a poem. The verses are based on an actual poem, entitled "Can you Feel the Wind?" Other than that, good luck!

Created by: SG115
  1. What word rhymes with "twitch"?
  2. What word rhymes with "fish"?
  3. How about "distract"?
  4. "Curse" rhymes with which of the following?
  5. Dent
  6. Sneeze
  7. Hunch
  8. Bummer
  9. Gawk
  10. Can you feel the wind? Neither I nor you But when the trees bow down their heads The wind is passing...

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