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  • Movie Quiz: Tangled
    [published: Apr 22, 2014, 8 comments]

    "Tangled" is a 2010 computer-animated fantasy musical produced by Walt Disney Studios. It is loosely based……

  • Movie Test: Pocahontas
    [published: Jan 10, 2014, 4 comments]

    "Pocahontas" is an animated fantasy/musical/romance movie brought to us by Walt Disney Pictures. It tells……

  • The Rugrats Movie
    [published: Dec 06, 2013, 4 comments]

    "The Rugrats Movie" is an animated adventure film based on the 1990s Nickelodeon series, "Rugrats". This film……

  • The Cow Says Moo II
    [published: Aug 10, 2013, 5 comments]

    "The Cow Says Moo II" is the sequel to "The Cow Says Moo". The only difference between these two is that the……

  • The Little Mermaid
    [published: Aug 06, 2013, 4 comments]

    "The Little Mermaid" is a Walt Disney movie which debuted during the Disney Renaissance era. This was when……

  • GTQ Shout-Out Quiz
    [published: Jul 22, 2013, 9 comments]

    Welcome to my first GTQ shout-out quiz! In it, I have listed twenty-four users who I have known and spoke to……

  • Madagascar: Movie Test
    [published: Jul 03, 2013, 8 comments]

    "Madagascar" is a 2005 computer-animated comedy from DreamWorks Pictures. This movie follows a group of……

  • "Family Guy" Test
    [published: May 02, 2013, 3 comments]

    Welcome to my "Family Guy" quiz! There are twelve questions in total, and they are fairly easy to answer. Just……

  • "Would You Rather" Quiz
    [published: Oct 30, 2012, 8 comments]

    Occasionally, we would ask ourselves "would I/you/we/he/she/they rather..." questions. There are a……

  • The Rhyming Quiz
    [published: Sep 21, 2012, 11 comments]

    Rhymes are words that sound similar. As children, we learned all about rhyming to the point of saying words……

  • The Pointless Quiz
    [published: Jul 17, 2012, 6 comments]

    I am an ogre. In the next week or so, your homes will be destroyed. Families will face my wrath. You will……

  • Anastasia: Movie Quiz
    [published: Jul 10, 2012, 5 comments]

    "Anastasia" is a 20th Century Fox classic film that debuted in 1997. It stars Meg Ryan in the title role;……

  • Would You Survive Danger?
    [published: Jun 28, 2012, 6 comments]

    In a universe where dangerous circumstances revolve, only ONE person can stop them. That person is……

  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    [published: Jun 27, 2012, 5 comments]

    "Beauty and the Beast" is a Disney movie made in the year 1991. It tells the tale of romance……

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