GTQ Shout-Out Quiz

Welcome to my first GTQ shout-out quiz! In it, I have listed twenty-four users who I have known and spoke to for some time. If you were not added, it is for 3 reasons I forgot, I hardly know you, or I didn't want my quiz to be too long.

So... yeah. I have nothing else to say in this paragraph, but words. Words are located in sentences, as well as punctuation marks. In addditon, words come in: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, etc.

Created by: SG115

  1. Mcqueen/Keturah: I think you are a great and bubbly person. I also love the fact you live in Virginia Beach.
  2. AnimePhan: I know that you can be a bit temperamental at times, but you are friendly. Also, you love chocolate :3
  3. Zelda fanatic16/Mike: You are a great guy. I knew right away when I spoke to you for the first time. What's cooler is that you're NitroTail's brother, and DC Girl's lover. You're so gentlemanly to her :D
  4. NitroTails: As Zelda fanatic's (Mike) brother, you're a cool guy to speak to. I advise you to avoid insomnia. It's not cool.
  5. DC Girl: You're a friendly girl, and funny. Also, you and Zelda fanatic (Mike) make a cute couple :)
  6. Ashl3y: Another great girl to speak to. By the way, I love to steal your pennies >:D
  7. The Geek: You are a hilarious guy, enough said xD
  8. BrownieBunny/Madison: You're an easy-going girl, until you wind up in drama, like that issue of having a "clique" in your private thread. Aside from that, you're nice :)
  9. Renee/ Love_GIR: In honor of you adding me in your second shout-out quiz, I'm putting you in my shout-out quiz. You are a nice girl ^_^
  10. LetsBeFriends/Jill: Although I don't speak to you as much anymore, I think you are great.
  11. Wolf_heart: You're a cool friend, easygoing and likeable.
  12. Kish: You're a great guy to speak to, and I'm happy you have returned after a long absence.
  13. Sweet: I was surprised to see you on GoToQuiz after leaving abruptly. At least I got the opportunity to speak with you again.
  14. Rvelez/Rosio/Rose: You are a funny girl, and I'm glad you're my friend.
  15. Home gurl/Daena: I'm glad you're back on GTQ, and here to stay. I remember that thread you made when you wanted to speak with me. Also glad you love "Shrek" movies like I do =)
  16. Godofminecraft/Alex: I know that other users despise you, even to the point of being called a troll. However, you mean well.
  17. JustAPerson: Although you're a bit new, you already figured your way around GTQ. From your posts, I say you're the type of person to get along with.
  18. Dark22 (forgot other numbers): You're a nice person, guess that's all I have to say.
  19. DaughterofApollo/Megan/Meg: I enjoy our conversations whenever you're on. Your dogs are cute from your profile pictures :)
  20. AllHailLelouch: You come on whenever you assume Lily (slytherin queen) is. Sorry that you two aren't together anymore :(
  21. Slytherin queen/Lily: I remember you used to come on a lot in the past, but you manage to make brief appearances here and there. Please come on more :(
  22. Anri hyuaga: I think you're a rational girl when you're not weighing burdens on your shoulders.
  23. That's it for the shout-outs.

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