Writers That NEED To Be Recognised :) Number 5 {Aria's}

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Welcome beautiful people! This is number five in my 'Writers That NEED To Be Recognised' quizzes. I know I haven't made the last one to your expectations but I hope this will suffice.

Ten amazing writers are mentioned in this quiz and one special shout out to an incredibly lovable Gotoquizer and author. She's special and I think she deserves a shout out!

Created by: Aria
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  1. So my lovely people of the Earth, I summoned you hear for you to see some amazing writers. I will be your host for the day in introducing them. Get your pens and papers out! X
  2. This writer is writing one of my favourites: A Hogwarts story that is called: Hogwarts Romance. It is written by coconinama who I think is an amazing writer. She has been updating well and I hope to see more updates in the future. In the first part, the main character now enters her fourth year and she's pretty excited. Are you?
  3. Powerful by Darkflamechic is, as she said, a short story that she will be working on. The title sounds mysterious doesn't it? I'll give you sneak peek of part four, which means, you'll just have to read the other parts as you'll be completely HOOKED on it! "What seems like hours passes, then the man reappears through the light followed by another. "Well, it certainly sounds like you've made a good decision. Show her to me, will you?" the unfamiliar person says. As I look closer, I see that it is a woman. She eyes me. "I don't know...she'll get her powers soon, you know." "I know." "But do you really think that it's a good idea to get someone who's getting their powers this soon?" "Yes," the man sighed, "I do." "But-" "Shut up, Hallie! I know what I'm doing." "Ugh. Sometimes I wonder about you..." "Feeling's mutual." Hallie shrugged and stepped back into the light, disappearing to who knows where." Excited yet? Your feet are shaking? Are you feeling mysterious? Check it out please? x
  4. Okay this writer firstly can I tell you how enthusiastic I am to even introduce you? You have been such a beauty to us all. Her name: chopinssonata. One of the most amazing writers on here who deserves a grammy for her writing! It's simply fantastic and her new series is called "The Girl Who Lived." As the description in the first part said, "The protagonist's name is Scarlet. She has not recieved a letter allowing her to go to hogwarts and she is the same age as Draco, Neville and the golden trio." Sounds like something you HAVE to read right? I know. You should read it, this minute. Like I'm speaking to you, GO READ IT LOVE (:
  5. Beautiful Games made a story called 'Midnight Love.' Sounds some sort of Romeo and Juliet, rebellious love, doesn't it? Well here's the description I think I've summed up so far. She's a girl right? And she falls for these guys that go to her school! It's pretty exciting once you get into reading it so I suggest you get your popcorn and Gotoquiz glasses on because shizzle just got serious (:
  6. This story titled 'Another love story' is the kind of story where the main character has powers but who knows what will happen in the future? It was created by Sumadi1313. I took my rat's time and found this. I couldn't find part one, unfortunately but I caught the drift on in Part 2. The main character has the power to dream walk and telepathy for now, or so it says in the story. Oh I found part one! It's in the list of New quizzes (: Probably either page three or four! Enjoy! x
  7. Well, now to Miss Direction whose story is entitled Revenge. It's her first story-quiz so I suggest you give her a lot of encouragement and support! This story takes place in the supernatural world, so naturally, the main character is magical/supernatural or anything you want to call it. In the first part, some of the characters are missing which results in the main character running as she panicked! Ooh...
  8. RayRay. This author has two stories: Twisted and College Life. I'm here to talk about College Life. It only has two parts but it deserves a shout out. It's about a girl who goes to college and...well you know, if you read you can find out. Ah, I'll give you a sneak peek of the first one. " The nurse sat you up on a chair since you were still coughing and it was starting to hurt. Then suddenly you started coughing up blood. It gets all over your slushie stained clothes. The nurse calls the ambulance and they carry you off into the emergency room. Then you go into a deep unconciousness. You hear your named being called. You see your roomate Collie shaking you to wake you up for...... your first day of college? You shake it off and take a shower and get dressed in clothes of your choice. You tie up your hair and go to your first class. You sit next to Collie and your crush Richard. He passes you a note and for some reason you already know what he was going to write so instead you say, "I will go to the dance with you Richard." He looks a little confused and then he looks relieved and he says," Awesome." You finish your classes and then go to lunch. You surprisingly know what Collie was going to tell you so you say, "Congrats! I heard Joshua asked you out!!" "Yeh. How'd you know?" "Lucky guess?! We should go to the mall and look for dresses with Julia." "Sounds like fun!" You go to the mall with Julia and buy dresses that all looked fabulous. Then you all decided to get some.... frozen yogurt?" Haha yes, sound incredible! You shout put it on your 'To-Read List.'
  9. Okay so that's the end of my Writers That NEED To Be Recognised for the day but I would like to add a massive shout out to WTF_NINJA who is almost at the 20th part in her amazing story, "Crazy for you." I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself when I'm reading it. I suggest you read it, if you haven't already but I'm sure you have seeing as though how awesome she is. By the way, on just a short note: Logan belongs to me :P
  10. I hope you all have a wonderful day, night, afternoon, evening, whichever. The angels may watch over you and just remember, Aria's back! xP Yes, that was third person. I'm going to make this place just as the beauty it was before! Love ya! Jump to the sky! x

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