Writers That NEED To Be Recognised :) Number 4 {Aria's}

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I feel neutral coming to Gotoquiz. It was something I could look forward to but not anymore. You'll hardly be seeing me on Gotoquiz and I could hear the clapping for that.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by not putting the effort I used to into this quiz. I can't put effort into it because it's not like anyone reads or cares what I have to say. "Aria's so stupd" is what you're saying. Well I don't care.

Created by: Aria

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  1. The first writer who needs to be recognised is darkshadows whose series is called Missing or Hidden.
  2. Secondly is someone who I've come across a couple of times, ILuvHolister. She has a series called Love and Suprises!?
  3. Thirdly is to Emily who has a Hogwarts Love Story called A Hogwarts Story.
  4. Now to laurenblah75 who has a series called 10 Secrets. =)
  5. You like Wallflowers? Well you'll like this. Read The Wallflower by chopinssonata
  6. neonsword101has a series called Mother~. Read it please x
  7. rvelez has a series called Falling Feathers. I suggest you read it. It sounds interesting, doesn't it?
  8. Confused? is written by Mia so adorable. Check it out please?
  9. Orange Fusion who had an account called SimplyDawn wrote Love Cloud
  10. ivoryleaf who is amazing wrote 250 Years Without You. Check it out!

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