Writers That NEED To Be Recognised (:

There are many famous quiz makers but there are also really great quiz makers who definitely deserve to be recognised by everyone out there. Please support them (:

Quiz makers who ought to be recognised by gotoquiz viewers. Take this quiz and find out who are those quiz makers. I hate this whole paragraph thingy. It sickens me. -.-

Created by: Aria

  1. Okay, as you all know, gotoquiz has been opened for a wide range of quizzes. People choose their own genre to write and there are some people who have to be recognised. They are great and amazing (:
  2. First of all, there is angelic4. If you go and check out "angelic4 gotoquiz user" and see how much quizzes she's posted up, your mind will be blown away, I know my mind was blown away. I was like "Uh..WOW....AHEM..WOW..." Weird huh? Well if you don't know her, go check her out after you've done taking this quiz because she's someone definitely worth looking up. I mean, she has almost a MILLION quizzes there. Sorry, just exaggerating but her work is fantastiquee !
  3. Now, to James_Bond. I'm not sure if this person is a girl or boy but they have a lot of talent going there way. They definitely are on the road to success. No doubt about that. Amazing work. Keep it up whoever James_Bond is! =)
  4. Additionally, I noticed singin234 has a lot og quizzes posted up and is a very good writer. Keep it up because her work is really amazingggg ! Haha, my vocabulary is limited isn't it? Well, her work is fabulousaa ! xP I feel kind of random so...=3
  5. I noticed that _ViolaLover_ is quite popular but her quizzes NEED to be more recognised because of her incredible work! x)
  6. There's another harry potter fan I would like to express my gratitude to. Her name is miumiutheemu. If you've heard of her, then good. If you didn't search her up, PLEASE. Support her.
  7. Moreover, there's bluebird. She's freaking talented, everyone. Her quizzes are just amazingly great!
  8. There's this one person I never got their username correct and it's AiFiahK3mE. Whenever I read her quizzes, my eyes are always glued to the screen. There is such emotion and the scenes seem so realistic. She is an awesome writer (:
  9. Another great writer is cheese1234. Funny name right? Haha, i think it's adorable. Anywho, her quizzes are just astonishingly good ! CHECK HER OUTTTT xD
  10. mysteriousme hasn't really put up a lot of quizzes but the first one she ever put up was awesome!
  11. Well, thank you for taking this quiz. It was to recognise writers and for those who you think she be recogised, please put the names in the comments. Thank you. x EVERYONE IS WONDERFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY! =)

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