How Much of a Writer Are You? #2

Writers have a special job. They cater magnificent creations called writing to such an opiniated world. It is an honor to bring up such great writing. This is the sequel to the first quiz, "How much of a writer are you?"

Though most people consider themselves as great writers, do they really stand up to all the famous writers and such an opiniated world? See if you have the talent and the know how to be a truly great writer.

Created by: Kathryn

  1. Do you get easily inspired to write a story?
  2. How many descriptive words would you put in the following sentence? The man walked.
  3. How easily can you get a person to know about something? If someone has a question, how quickly do you give them an informative answer?
  4. How often do you find yourself day dreaming over a story your working on?
  5. How many stories are you currently writing?
  6. How long do you write a day?
  7. How does your writing percieve itself to the reader? Not to you, but to someone else. Opinion does matter.
  8. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
  9. How do you take others opinions? Honestly.
  10. Do you value other peoples opinions?
  11. What is the genre of you writing? NOTE: This does not effect your score.

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Quiz topic: How Much of a Writer am I? #2