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xxblutixx is a phenomenal writer of GTQ. She is the author of Don't leave me hanging quiz series. Not to mention she has 37 parts in the series and still continuing. She has other series called 'The other side'.

She also has her own show called, ''GTQ writer network celebrity spotlight'' in which she highligts several writers of GTQ both experienced and rising star stars. Now please take a few minutes and read the quiz.

Created by: SimplyDawn

  1. xxblutixx, you guys know her right? She is one of the greatest writers in GTQ. I know you'll be thinking, 'Are you kidding me?'. Yeah i'm just kidding. I know that everybody know her. The thing is, i just came to realize something about her. Something i hope everybody realized earlier than me. Anyway, what i realized is that she's so colorful. Yeah she's so colorful. I mean her personality. Her personality is so colorful. And that's it. Nothing more to tell. See you guys later on. Bye.
  2. Haha hehe hoho you just got punked. That's not it, there's more. Hmm do you guys like Punked?. Its an awesome tv show hosted by Ashton kutcher. Where he punks lots of celebs. Its so awesome. I particularly like the episodes of Zac efron, Eva longoria, Avril lavigne all getting punked. Oh god! Sorry i got distracted. Back to the topic, hmm.... What's the topic? I can't remember.
  3. Thank god! I'm able to remember the topic. Talking about remembering, have any of you guys watched a movie called 'Remember Me?'. Its one of my favourite movie of Robert Pattinson. R-Patz totally rocked in that movie. Oh god! Why do i keep myself distracting? Okay, enough of my silly games. I'll try to focus now.
  4. xxblutixx, well i want to know everything about her. When is her birthday? What is her favourite color? Etc., etc., By the way, my favourite color is Green. Well its used to be Fuchsia and all those colors related to pink like, hot pink, neon pink, florescent pink etc., etc., until my rolemodel gave me an interesting but really impressive facts about color green. Ah! Silly me. I got distracted again. Well if anyone know her birthdate and fave color please tell me.
  5. Back to the topic, xxblutixx has got 35+ parts of Don't leave me hanging, Where she never forgets to hang us in every part keeping us thrilled. But she's never been headstrong. She's so down to earth and very kind to everyone which i admire greatly. She's so unbelieveingly good. I used to be a Narc but not anymore. I'm taking my baby steps of being a good girl thanks to Aria and xxblutixx. They are my pure source of inspiration for being good. I have to thank them a whole lot. I was never used to smileing before. I only laugh making fun of people. But now, xxblutixx has turned me into a smiling idiot. Haha.
  6. Guys, guys, guys. Don't leave me hanging! Remember? Can you remember? *giggles girlishly* *whispers: Kris and Jack* hehehe *shouts: KRIS and JACK* Just like her, she created them colorfully. All of the characters are great in her series. But i just can't get enough of Kris and Jack. We all should thank her individually for giving us our Kris and Jack.
  7. xxblutixx's talent was endless. Her writings are awesome. I wish i could write like her but i could only wish. I also think she's the most underrated writer in Gtq. She deserve more recognition than what we give her now.
  8. I'm finished now. I'm going back to sleep. Yeah it'll be 3AM midnight when i'm finalizing this quiz. Due to my time zone i have to finalize in that time to match other time zones. And i used to stay up even until 3AM but now i don't want to ruin my health even more and end up in hospital again. So bye. See you again.
  9. From me to xxblutixx : xxblutixx, girl you rock. You're so amazing. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for making me a better person and inspiring me to stay in the right track. Thank you so much for taking my stupid boring quizzes. I owe you greatly. And thank you so so so so much for making Kris and Jack. *wipes happy tears off my cheeks* I like you so much. Can you please tell me when is your birthday? And what is your favourite color?. My life would be a lot more dull without you, Kris and Jack. Thank you so much.
  10. Last but not least, Be xxblutixx and Be thrilling.

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