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  • Thanks to all of you for brightening up my day! ^.^ Most of all, though, thank you, SimplyDawn! I doubt I'll be able to pull together enough of the right words to express how honored I am that you made this quiz for me :o 2 things: don't say your quizzes are stupid or boring and make sure you get some sleep, girl - sleep is good *nods*

    By the way, thanks a bunch for the catchphrase; I put it on the front page of my website, did you see? Hm, let's see for you: To be SimplyDawn is to be Simply Extraordinary!

    I'm bad at making stuff up like that XD

    Hm, my birthday and favorite color? January 6 and purple - wait no, indigo. And silver. And periwinkle. And turquoise. And cerise. But mostly indigo X) I like colors lol

    P.S. Yes, do check out Firey_Soul's writing, she IS great :) but she's a couple years older than you think :P

  • @Teresa22: You freakin' kidding me? The point of this quiz is was to point out how insanely awesome xxblutixx is! Don't you think she deserves a quiz? Don't answer that, the correct answer is yes.

    And to the person who made this quiz, I agree! xxblutixx is probably the most amazing writer on GTQ. I wish Kris and Jack were actually real! (and Cory! OMG you forgot to mention CORY!!!!) I wonder if she's seen this yet. Maybe I should email her.

  • @Teresa22 i couldn't have answered your question better than @Firey_Soul. xxblutixx is incredible.

    @Firey _Soul Thank you so much for mailing her even if you don't know me. Cory!! So your fave is cory! He's so flirty flirty. I heared that you too are an amazing writer. I never got time to take your quizzes. If my memory is right youre 12yrs old right?

    @WTF_NINJA Justin! Justin is such a sweetheart. Isn't he? I've got to tell you, i'm crazy for your series 'Crazy for you'. I keep laughing all the time while taking your quiz. I like Matt. Hmm... And Max too.

  • xxblutixx is awesome! :D Love her series and *coughs* Justin *coughs* >_> Her and Aria are rocking awesome and a blast to talk with :)

  • I know she's awesome and shiz, but just wondering: what's the point of this quiz?

  • @SimplyDawn- He is ;) Oh you like Matt and Max? Cute ^_^ I ADORE the comments you leave! Oh and btw pt 15 is out :)

  • omg, kris and jack are my favorite too :o


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