HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, xxblutixx!

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We are gathered here on January 6th, 2015 to celebrate xxblutixx's 20th birthday. She has been one of the most supportive, talented and amazing writers and persons this site has seen and I feel the need to celebrate her big day.

It is a great thing to age, knowing that you've survived yet another year. I think we should make the most of everything because considering Ebola and all the viruses that have been around, we might not get another chance to!

Created by: Aria

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  1. I'd like to start off with wishing you a very happy birthday and 2015! Now, I've planned for some people to send me their messages so I can put it in this quiz :) I didn't get as much people as I anticipated but it was quite a good turn out! Let the birthday wishing begin :)
  2. "Happy Birthday Layli! I hope you have an amazing day, and don't stress to much about all your tests haha you'll do (and did) amazing either way. I've known you for a few years now (WOAH) and we've both grown so much! You were one of my first and loyal fans on GTQ, and I also loved reading your stories! I remember always reading your comments on how you loved Patch so much, and you were always commenting in general, which made me happy! I remember when I joined GTQ and I didn't really know anyone, but then Aria befriended me and told me all about you, and everyone else. She spoke highly of you, and then I read your stories and I could see what she was talking about (X You're an amazing writer and I hope you can continue your work! I miss the good days on GTQ! Also, props to Aria for doing this. You're always going to be the sweetest person I've ever meet ^_____^ Anyways, I hope you have an amazing birthday, and a great start to 2015 Layli :)" This message was from TheRecklessBam wishing you a happy birthday :)
  3. "Layliiiii ohmaigoooooosh happy birthday!!!!!! You've grown so much :') My god where do I even start? Well first of all I hope you have a great and freaking amazing birthday, I hope you party hard and get super drunk (actually don't) I want to thank you for being such a great friend and momma ;o Thanks for being with me at my worst and my best and ik we didn't speak much last year and it sucked bc I missed you, but I think this year will be different anyways, love you girl and have a have a happy birthday! (And no drinking bc you need to remember your big day)" This one was from our lovely WTF_NINJA, also known as Maria!
  4. I'd like to say, "Dear xxblutixx, there are SO many things I'd like to say to you, so I found it rather hard finding the words. You've always been a great friend of mine when I started writing, and I'm sure that a bunch of other people feel the same way on gotoquiz. You'd always be there for me to bounce ideas off of and gave me encouragement to continue right from the start. Again, I'm sure many users on gotoquiz feel the same. The quality that makes you stand out the most, is your kindness. As you know, kindness is a rare thing within this world. But aside from just kindness, you possess many qualities that make you stand out. In several ways, you're like gold. You're both rare and worth treasuring. Stay gold, and most of all, Happy Birthday -chopinssonata I'm pretty sure you know who Chopinssonata is so ^_^
  5. "Happy 20th birthday! Where am I even supposed to start with how amazing you are? I'll be nostalgic. More than three years ago, when I first joined GoToQuiz, I found myself in the midst of this crazy, amazing family of writers, who loved and supported each other against haters and Real Life problems and whatever else came their ways. Somehow, miraculously, I became an, albeit small, part of that family. Your acceptance and your support of my meagre writings meant a lot, especially coming from someone who uses and manipulates the English language in the phenomenal way you do. I remember the first time I found myself being targeted. Your immediate defence warmed my heart. You are so kind, so wonderful, so talented. I could go on and on and on, but I might send you to sleep, so I won't! Happy birthday, you amazing person. Have a great day!" This one was from vulturemoon, and this was adorable :)
  6. "Happy birthday, you deserve a great one. You've inspired and touched lives with your writing. At least mine anyway. After I read don't leave me hanging, i felt extremely inspired to go and write on gtq as well. Though I don't go on as often anymore, I still think back to your story and how it and you inspired me and almost gave me confidence to publish online. Have a great birthday and many more. c:" I can't quite remember her name on GTQ but that was from Ashley Whiskeyhands!
  7. So those were all the birthday messages I received for you and I really tired but I think people were busy so we can't really blame them! However, just know that we all really do appreciate you as a person and we expect great things from you in the future *cough, one of the future J.K. Rowlings cough*
  8. So, I would like to take this time to shout out to everyone that I've known on this site! Bluebird, natuhleegayle, HogwartsLove, you, TheRecklessBam, Ashley, Allycat, Calypso, vulturemoon, 5thMarauder, Ambrosia, WTF_NINJA, mcqueen, OrangeFusion, Violet Wilde, Jaime Bitz, MissyPrissyCat, ivoryleaf and so many more! It comforts me in knowing that I met some of my best friends on this site. I met some of the most amazing people on this site, and tbh I wouldn't ever change anything about this site (with the exception of the fact that everyone switched to Wattpad!) I really do want to say that every one of you is amazing in your own way and THANK YOU so much for showing me that friends can actually have your back and stand up for you. And birthday girl, thank you for everyone you've done for me :)
  9. Now, this message is from me, hehe!Hey Layli! I know you weren't expecting this because I dropped a simple happy birthday wish in your whatsapp. I wanted you to think that I wasn't planning anything but in reality, I actually was and I wanted to make it really big! I cannot believe how much you've grown over these past almost 3 years that I've known you. I can honestly say it's been a pleasure riding this journey of life with you and I hope there's many more experiences to come! I can't wait to meet you though and hug you so tight because you're my love sister across the seas forever. You're 20; how does it feel? Do you have the traditional grey hairs or as you still as young as ever? You know I heard Asians don't age, haha jk. I'm going off topic because there's all these things I want to say to you but I can't find the words to say it. You've always been there for me when I needed you, always had my back, always looked out for me, always in a rush to give me good advice and you're really one of a kind. You are my sister because sometimes we do have a little disagreement but then we instantly make up because we know we have a lifetime together and we don't want to waste it. Wow I sound as though you're my wife, haha. Awkward. Anyway, you're special in so many different ways, love; in ways I can't explain and having someone like you in my life is such a great pleasure and honor. I still remember the times I would fangirl over your story and you would treat me like I'm the one who's a celebrity when in truth you were the famous writer than everyone loves. Everyone adores you Layli because you are kind hearted, hard working, calm, patient, amazing, brilliant, and such a talented writer. Plus, you're a master at procrastination; how can we forget that? Lol. Look at how the time flies, girl. It feels as though just a couple days ago we were talking with Maria on msn on the group chat and emailing each other but as they say, time waits on no man and that is sure right. We can't waste any more time crying over spilled milk and worrying about the future. We need to live in the moment and do what we have to do. We have to put our mind towards what we want and fill our hearts with ambition and passion for what we love. We have to love ourselves and appreciate the little things. We don't know when they would be snatched from us! And more importantly, we need to cherish the people that love us for who we are and always stick by us. They are the people who matter. They are the ones worth keeping. Life is so short, Layli. One minute we're here, next minute we're not. I truly do hope that this birthday is a good one for you and I want you to know that I believe in you and I believe that you can overcome any obstacle in your path no matter how freaking huge it might be. You are Wonderwoman and you are strong. Once again I wish you a brilliant, beautiful happy 20th birthday and I'd just like to end with this quote you told me a while ago in one of your emails when I was down. "The future is shiny. You like shiny. I like shiny. Therefore, we like shiny. Therefore, we like the future."
  10. Gotoquiz will always be there to welcome you home ;). Yes, I altered a J.K. Rowling quote! Love you x

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