From Calypso, To HogwartsLove

This is for the utterly amazing HogwartsLove, who's been with me since the beginning and will hopefully be with me until the end. I know I'll be with her.

HogwartsLove is one of the most beloved and celebrated writers on I'd like to celebrate not just her talents, but her wonderful personality.

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Okay, well, guys, I need to tell the world something. It's quite obvious, but I need to get it out anyway, and I thought, "What better way then to type it!?!"
  2. HogwartsLove, also going by EyesWideClosed and DakotaTracey, has been reading my quizzes from the beginning. She always leaves the sweetest possible comments that never fail to get me to smile with pride. She is THE most sweet, nice, kind, thoughtful, talented (no matter what she may say), flawless, beyond compare, classical, consummate, crowning, culminating, defectless, excellent, immaculate, impeccable, indefectible, matchless, out-of-this-world, pure, skilled, skillful, unequaled person I have ever met, no offense to anyone.
  3. She is always SO nice to everybody and it makes me cry every time I read a comment from her, even if it isn't for me, cuz it's always so freaking nice!! Since before I started writing on here, she encouraged me to start my own quiz. She said, and I quote, "Calypso, do you have any quizzes? I went on your profile but I didn't find any. You should do one- you've got plenty talent." And it got me thinking. What if I started a quiz series? And I did- well, with the help of a few more comments from HL. She's so motivational, I just shudder...every time. I know, it's weird, but true.
  4. There isn't a lot I can say about HL's amazing personality or incredible brain-power without bursting into tears, so let me carry on to something else before that happens. She has this...super power. It's kinda incredible. She has this ability to write. And it's not just any ability. It's the WAY she writes that really gets us. She can captivate our minds and even our souls, and we'll just stare at the screen in awe, when it's over, wondering what just happened that could possibly have blown our minds into the million tiny pieces they now are. She is so incredibly talented, that I just can't think of a single word that can describe this amazing person- NOT EVEN GROOVY, can begin.
  5. Not only is she talented and perfect in every way, but she never forgets her fans. She has made a few quizzes thanking people such as @Jaime, @natuhleegayle, @Bluebird, @_ViolaLover_, and many, many more people. She has such a good, pure heart, so immaculate that I am about to fall out of my chair screaming in frustration because I can't find a single word that is good enough for her. NOT. ONE. She is just so incredibly supportive, an amazing, genuine, diamond-in-the-rough, most down right AWESOME people that has ever walked the face of the Earth. And @HogwartsLove, if you ever actually read this, I cannot possibly express my thanks to you.
  6. (I wrote this as a comment, but I'm gonna put it on here just so everybody knows.) When I was about ten years old, I had an idea for a book series. It was, to me at the time, the best thing that had ever happened to me. I spent all my time locked up in my room just writing this story to my hearts content. After a while, I got too busy and stopped writing it. A couple months ago, in about December before I joined GTQ, I found what I had written and stayed in my room for hours reading and re-reading what my ten-year-old self had written on the page. I was disgusted with the horrible, third-grade level words and vague descriptions of the characters. I thought all the talent my parents and friends told me I possessed was a lie. I was so angry, I stayed in my room, didn't talk to anyone, didn't eat anything, nothing. I still didn't believe I had any talent when I joined GTQ and started helping @natuhleegayle out with her amazing HLS quiz. I thought I was just lucky. But then, my friend, I started 'talking' (Keep in mind, we're communicating over a laptop) to you. You made me discover things about myself that for the longest time I had never believed were ever there. And that comment you posted-the one about how what I wrote was a piece of art- that comment made me cry, HL. I finally believe it when people tell me I have a talent. And I finally believe in myself. But that series is not the best thing ever to happen to me- YOU ARE. There are absolutely NO words- not even GROOVY- that can describe you right now, nor how I am feeling. I can just never thank you enough. Never. But I'm going to try. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!
  7. (Here is the comment HL posted before I wrote that incredibly long reply) "I can't even... Where to begin... This was something that REALLY made me dig deep, kind of like when you look at a work of art (such as this) and just think of what this means to you, think of how it affects your view of life in general, or specific things, like relationships, or morals. Everything. As you and Nat were saying, it's just truly indescribable. Your metaphors had me stop reading for every few seconds to think them over and find a deeper meaning. There always was one, even before you scratched the surface. I can't believe this amount of talent is even possible, but... Wow. This would be found relatable even to someone who has never been through what Darren is going through, because you get down to the main, raw feelings and emotions that really gnaw at people, and you provide us with a deeper understanding that leaves us, at the end, wondering. Just wondering, kind of, like, what everything could be? I don't even know myself. It's just like this addicting story, a quick but long story that we live for the few minutes we read, and long after. We're left like how everyone is after reading an ENTIRE book, you've slapped all these emotions on the page (or, in this case, screen), and said, here you go. Do what you can with them, arrange them how you want. Have them mean what you want. Just let me help. You've put so many feelings into a short story, more than a dictionary-sized book could ever put. Which is just purely... Groo vy."
  8. You see!? YOU SEE!? I can't even express how amazingly BLESSED we all are to have HogwartsLove in our lives! DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE TO KNOW THIS AMAZING PERSON?!?! I sure do, and lemme tell ya- I am so fudging happy about it. She is-*sobs*- so amazing that this quiz is probably not the first and DEFINITELY NOT the last one to be made about the brilliance and beauty of HogwartsLove. I promise.
  9. There isn't much more I can think to say, honestly, because I've been thinking about how such an amazing person comes about (PS, HL? Tell your parents from me that they're amazing!!) and I've decided that we've been sent a gift from Heaven- one that only comes about every 2012 years since years started being recorded. We are all so incredibly LUCKY to have been able to read the comments and quizzes alike by the beautiful and world-blowing talent- HogwartsLove. (I would've typed more, but my mind is in pieces...)
  10. HL, I just have 4 more things to say to you- 1. You are so incredibly groovy that 'groovy' doesn't cover it. 2. You are talented and beautiful in every way, shape and form. DON'T LET ANYBODY TELL YOU DIFFERENT. 3. I love ya (in that sisterly, and not creepy, way) and you are one of the best people ever. 4. Thank you for helping me find myself again. Just...thank you.

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