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Welcome everyone to the second GTQ celebrity spotlight dedication. Your host is me, xxblutixxx, and I'm here to give recognition to the "celebrities" of GTQ's writer community.

Last time, we featured Aria, the perpetually sweet and thoughtful girl we all appreciate. Due to her suggestion, today, we are featuring none other than the writer: HogwartsLove!

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. Who is HogwartsLove in the writing community? Well, she's an important part of the Hogwarts subgroup of writers because I'd say without hesitation that she's definitely in the top 5 most popular/successful Hogwarts romance series writers here on GTQ. I'll even go further to say she's one of the top 3.
  2. If you like reading these types of stories and haven't checked hers out yet, you're seriously missing out! Either type in profile/hogwartslove in the address bar after the regular site address or search her username, HogwartsLove. I wouldn't advise searching the title of the series because it is quite simply, "Hogwarts". If you tried that, I can assure you that you'd get a lot more results then you ever would anticipate XP
  3. "Hogwarts" only recently came to my attention... about 9 days ago, but I've been reading them whenever I could fit a spare moment in aside from homework. Though the latest part currently is labeled part fourteen, there are actually 35 quizzes in total (yes I counted them, twice) which is quite a decent amount. For comparison, I've been writing for over a year and I just released my 32nd part.
  4. From the beginning, the story pulled me in. Okay, maybe the fact that Draco Malfoy kissed "me" helped, but, really, by the end of the first quiz, I already felt familiar and comfortable with the story as if I was already used to HogwartsLove's writing style. That now, is actually something rare for me.
  5. Why else should you read it? The characterizations are awesome. Draco is the sweetest man alive, Oliver can melt hearts, Harry... is Harry Potter, Ron is funny and actually not a complete git, Neville is cute.
  6. In addition, HogwartsLove is original and has a unique sort of humor. I mean, face cereal and galloping? LOL The randomness is quite amusing, though at first, it was hard for me to remember to click an answer because I was too busy laughing and then I forget to click one because my memory is awful XD
  7. Long story short, if you like Harry Potter series, you cannot miss out on this one. Even if you don't like the wizarding world of Harry Potter, I'm sure you can find something to enjoy in this creative and entertaining piece of work!
  8. Now enough about her series, what about HogwartsLove herself? Well, I haven't had the chance to get to know her very well yet. From what I can tell though, she's a friendly, original person with a good sense of humor. She also seems a very nice person as she took time to type out 2 very sweet quizzes dedicated to her fans. Don't take only my skimpy words for it though! Check out any one of her quizzes and their comments pages for a view into her personality.
  9. Her fans LOVE her, so she must be doing something right, no? Just visit the comment page of her announcement quiz to truly see how much she is appreciated. Those paragraphs upon paragraphs really say something special.
  10. In addition, she's even inspired quiz dedications. Off the top of my head, I know that Aria, natuhleegayle, and Calypso1315 have each created at least one.
  11. I think I've gone on long enough. HowartsLove is a great writer, a wonderful person, and certainly a celebrity worth noticing. Put your glasses (of firewhiskey) in the air and give a toast to HogwartsLove!

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